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Posted By missbillie   April 11th, 2015  Uncategorized

Former Doctor Who companion Rose Tyler – aka Billie Piper – doubts a woman will ever play the role of the TARDIS driving, sonic screwdriver carrying, Time Lord. Whovians have venomously rejected and raged against the prospect that one day a woman could take the controls of the TARDIS. There was even speculation Piper herself would become the Doctor, when rumours popped up on social media the show’s bosses were planning to bring in a female. Piper – companion to both the Doctor’s 9th regeneration (Christopher Eccleston) and 10th (David Tennant) says there was too much tradition with Doctor Who for a woman to play the lead character. For now at least anyway.

“I don’t think it will happen,” she said. “Well, not anytime soon. There is too much tradition amongst the show and the story, and its current form works.”

Piper, who is in Perth for this weekend’s Oz Comic-Con at the Perth Convention Centre, said she was drawn to the character of Rose because her own experiences of growing up were similar to the character. But at first glance Piper and Rose’s lives seem universes apart. Piper was the youngest artist ever to debut at number one in the UK pop charts at the age of 15 while Rose is a street-wise, working-class girl that works in a shop.

“I definitely think there is a similarity,” Piper said. “I understand that frustration of growing up in a small town – although Rose is from an estate in London. “But her working class beginnings and that small town mentality and that feeling of frustration of not going anywhere.”

The 32-year-old said her time on the show from 2005-06 was made that little bit easier by the quality of writers, like Russell T Davies. She said it was the emotional depth of the writing that meant she didn’t have to cry on cue, when it was time for her to finally depart the show.

“The writing was so great,” she said. “And I had this enormous bond with David Tennant – I was totally heartbroken by the thought of them not seeing each other again. It really makes you want to cry.”

While she runs the risk of getting “exterminated” by hardcore Doctor Who fans who would argue differently, Piper thinks ultimately the relationship between Rose and the Doctor was a love story.

“I think it was,” she said. “Rose really loved him. I think it was what he offered her – he lifted her out of her own existence, which was deeply romantic.”

The former pop princess said fans never bombarded her with odd requests at geek conventions. “Someone asked me before what was one of the weirdest requests I got asked,” she said. “I don’t really get any – more emotional declarations. More about how a fan was at a low ebb and really connected with the show.”


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