Miss Billie Piper
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Posted By missbillie   April 11th, 2015  Uncategorized

Since then she’s been a time travelling companion, a high-class call girl, died from consumption and headlined a West End smash. But it’s her earlier days singing hits like Honey to the Bee that have kept the world-famous Brit down to earth.

“I’m glad I experienced all of that stuff with fame at a young age even though I think sometimes it’s detrimental to my character,” she told AAP. “In a way it’s made me able to be a bit more peaceful about it nowadays in that it’s not impressive and not really fruitful in many ways.

“I find there are a few kind of good things about being famous and the rest of it becomes increasingly tense-making. Especially nowadays with the fact that everyone is able to see everything you’re doing and document it with phones.”

Piper said she feels blessed to have been continually employed as an actress for the past 10 years, which kicked off with her memorable role as Rose in the revamped sci-fi series Doctor Who. But fans of the Rose-Doctor saga shouldn’t get their hopes up: Piper said she won’t be back in the TARDIS again.

“I think enough is enough,” she said. “I’ve come back in different guises now. I just need to deal with the fact that it’s over. Also I get this kind of lovely experience now, I don’t have to do any of the filming but I still get to enjoy the show through the fans.”

* Billie Piper will be appearing at Oz Comic-Con in Perth from April 11-12 and in Adelaide from April 18-19.


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