Miss Billie Piper
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Posted By missbillie   March 21st, 2014  Interview: Others,Interviews

I have several friends who, like me, are married to women who are better-looking, smarter and more influential than we are. Well, now we’ve decided to strike back. After much discussion we have labelled our wives WOPs (women of power) and when we feel that they are taking us for granted we begin the chant, WOP WOP WOP WOP in pathetic emasculated unison. In return, our partners, after a short chat, have retaliated by labelling us CIJs (cocks in jars) — the idea being that our poor little manhoods are stored in jars by the bed, on the WOP side of the bed of course. The weakest of us have become CABIJs, pronounced cabbages (cocks and balls in jars) and for the real slugs of our group, those nodding like terriers at every command from their WOP, is reserved the final insult: ‘Pickled CABIJ.’ I need not explain more, or at all probably.


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