‘Two For Joy’ Premiere at Edinburgh Film Festival
2018 / Jun / 24

Billie attended the world premiere for ‘Two For Joy’ at Edinburgh Film Festival. 50 HQ photos have been added from the red carpet, this is one of my favourite Billie looks! Thanks to Simply Mandy for some of these! She looks stunning! I’ve also posted a preview review of the film, you can read the full article here!

23rd June | ‘Two for Joy’ Edinburgh Film Festival Premiere

There are few actors as skilled at capturing the physicality of suffering as Samantha Morton. Making a welcome appearance in this downbeat British drama about a family in crisis, Morton is almost painful to watch, her every movement a dull throb of anguish, as a woman who has descended into a cycle of debilitating depression and anxiety following the death of her husband.

Shot on film, Two For Joy presents a bleak and unflinching account of marginalised lives and, as such, may struggle to assert itself outside of the festival circuit. The quality of performances will be a key selling point as, alongside Morton, Billie Piper and child actor Bella Ramsey also impress.