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Posted By missbillie   May 20th, 2014  Foxtrot,Project Updates,TV Projects

Synopsis of Playhouse Presents Foxtrot which airs on Thursday 29th May on Sky Arts:

‘Former stripper Badger (played by Billie Piper) and her accomplice Fox are holed up in a hotel with the man they have just kidnapped, but a phone call from their cold, calculating boss Mrs Dalloway reveals they have abducted the twin of their intended target. Their victim has learning difficulties and struggles to communicate with them, but while Badger wants to ditch him and run, Fox’s conscience gets the better of her.’

Posted By missbillie   May 19th, 2014  Penny Dreadful,Photo Update,TV Projects

We’ve added screencaps of Billie’s debute in ‘Penny Dreadful’. Wasn’t she amazing as always? Loving her irish accent!

WARNING; They contain explicit content and may not be suitable for younger fans. 

Posted By missbillie   May 13th, 2014  Penny Dreadful,Photo Update,TV Projects

We’ve added some stunning new stills of Billie alongside Josh Hartnett and Eva Green. Many thanks to Far Far Away!

Posted By missbillie   April 19th, 2014  Penny Dreadful,TV Projects

Showtime has gathered up a superb group of actors, directors, and writers to bring to life a new series mixing all kinds of iconic old-school horror creatures in “Penny Dreadful.” The series’ name may strike you as odd, but it refers back to old British publications featuring garish horror serial stories that would only cost – you guessed it! – one penny. While this phrase may have originally represented a form of cheap entertainment, but “Penny Dreadful” is no such thing.

 (More under the cut, contains spoilers!)



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Posted By missbillie   April 15th, 2014  Foxtrot,Photo Update,TV Projects

Sky Arts have released the first image of Billie in Foxtrot, as well as a trailer, which you can watch here!

Posted By missbillie   April 12th, 2014  Interviews,Media: Videos,Penny Dreadful,TV Projects

Posted By missbillie   January 16th, 2014  Penny Dreadful,TV Projects

Posted By missbillie   January 16th, 2014  Penny Dreadful,TV Projects

Premiering the following month is “Penny Dreadful,” a psychosexual thriller that features literature’s most terrifying characters embroiled in Victorian London. Viewers can look forward to Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, “Dracula” characters and more. The show stars Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton and Billie Piper and is executive produced by Oscar winner Sam Mendes. “Penny Dreadful” premieres Sunday, May 11 at 10 p.m.