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Welcome to Miss Billie Piper! Site dedicated to award winning actress, Billie Piper. She will be making her directorial debut in 'Rare Beasts' in 2020/21. 'I Hate Suzie' will be airing on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV in August 2020! Stay tuned for updated content and exclusive images and posts!
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Billie was supporting husband, Laurence Fox, last night at the press night of ‘Strangers on a Train’! We’ve added images of the After Party & photos of Billie and co leaving the theatre!


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Fox, 35, stars as Guy Haines in the play, a stage adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s novel, also made into a 1951 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Fox said the role of Guy, an ordinary man pulled into an extraordinary chain of events, was his favourite kind of part. “It’s like Morecambe and Wise. You need the guy the drama happens to,” he said.

“Given the choice, I would always prefer to play the guy who is a real person. I like the Everyman part. The hardest thing to understand is what a normal person would do in an extraordinary situation.”

But the actor, who was supported in the audience by his Lewis co-star Kevin Whately, insisted that his wife was the true thespian in their marriage. “She’s a much better actor than I am. I’m really pleased at that,” he said. “It would be awful to go out with an actress who wasn’t better than you. I love her for that. And she will always have my back.”


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She is no stranger to the panics and pitfalls of a theatre premiere — but Billie Piper has said it is more terrifying to watch her husband face the critics than to do it herself. After the opening night of Strangers on a Train, starring her husband Laurence Fox, Piper said: “I think it is easier to be part of a press night than to witness one, especially with a loved one, be it your husband or a friend.

“With your husband, it’s like watching how it would be with my son on stage or something — past terrifying.”

Piper, 31, who was shortlisted for best actress at Sunday’s Evening Standard Theatre Awards for her performance last year in medical thriller The Effect, said she missed being on stage. But she said it was nice to be able to support her husband.

Despite the fear and stress, she said performances were often best on press nights, adding: “There’s a profound energy and you know there’s a lot of people rooting for you.”


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What was it like working with Billie Piper again, who returns as Rose Tyler?

“It’s always lovely working with Billie. She’s one of the best actresses around and one of the loveliest human beings, so I was very happy to be in her orbit. It wasn’t strange acting with her again, it’s easy how you slip back into these things. And I suppose it’s not been a massive amount of time. If we’re all brought back in another 20 years it might be a bit different – and we’d be spending even longer in make up! Us being the Doctor and Rose is still within relatively recent memory so it’s not been too difficult to dredge up, although it’s hard to tell objectively whether things are the same or not.”


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We’ve posted the first images of Billie @ the ES Theatre Awards tonight! Remember to tweet #GoodLuckBillie!


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