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I’ve added ‘Bella and the Boys’ screencaptures from 2004, which Billie starred alongside Reasons to be Pretty co-star, Tom Burke! Enjoy!

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Federico García Lorca’s 1934 devastating drama is radically reimagined by Australian director and dramatist Simon Stone, who transforms the achingly powerful tale of a provincial Spanish woman’s desperate desire to have a child into a parable of modern life. Having won 2017 Olivier Awards for Best Revival and Best Actress for Billie Piper when staged at the Young Vic in London, this full-blooded production is transported to the Armory for its highly anticipated North American premiere.

Making her New York stage debut, the extraordinary Piper delivers a fearless performance as the woman—now a blogger and journalist—driven to the unthinkable by her obsession with her own infertility while brutally documenting her trauma amidst the internet-surfing blogosphere of today. Stone—in his New York directorial debut—superbly stages this requiem for lost hope in a glass tank that transforms from luxurious apartment to garden to wild music festival at an electrifying pace. Intersecting the audience, this highly unusual staging serves as a strikingly effective visual metaphor to imitate life under a microscope and lived online while heightening our sense of voyeurism.

Yerma runs from 23rd March – 21st April 2018.
Tickets & all information available: here! Tickets go on sale Nov 27th!

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Billie was seen decorating her house for Halloween on 31st October, HQ candids can be viewed below:


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I’ve added scans from the December 2017 issue of Vortex Magazine, with interviews from David & Billie about the new Doctor Who audio stories with Big Finish. Check out the scans below:


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Backed by Creative England and the BFI NET.work, this is a short gothic fairytale starring BILLIE PIPER, SINEAD CUSACK & POPPY POLIVNICK.

Directed by Leonora Lonsdale
Produced by Jack Sidey & Sophie Reynolds
Director of Photography: Patrick Meller
Production Designer: Polly Davenport
Hair & Make Up Designer: Dorita Nissen
Costume Designer: Grace Snell
Editor: Matthew Gray
Composer: Yann McCullough

Poster Design by Scott Woolston


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Billie attended the launch event of Vue’s Showcase of Big Screen Events, promoting the live streaming of theatrical events! She looked stunning in a Peekaboo Vintage dress & a gorgeous new hair cut! Photos below:


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Billie Piper says she’s “chuffed” that audiences around the world will get to see her award-winning play Yerma. As it ends it’s second theatre run in London, it’s being broadcast live in cinemas globally. A far cry from her pop star or Doctor Who days, it’s an intense performance about a woman struggling to have a child.

It’s the role which has won her five star reviews and a Laurence Olivier award. Essentially the theatre version of an Academy Award or a Bafta, she says “it’s a really prestigious award,” with a massive smile on her face. “My non-actor friends laugh though that it’s essentially actors giving awards to actors for acting. But it’s a wonderful thing and I’m unbelievably jazzed about it.”

Billie Piper plays the character of Her, Her, who does something unimaginable in her desire to have a child. Watching the trailer is like watching a preview of a horror film, with words like “harrowing” and “utterly gruelling”.

“People being moved by something that makes them think. There’s an influx of what I feel is mindless cinema and I think to watch something like Yerma makes you think a lot about your life. It’s very hard to beat the pull of an iPhone so it’s nice to go and watch something that transforms your day. It’s important.”

Piper has been with the play for more than a year, originally performing in it last year and coming back for another four-week run in 2017. Doing 100 minutes of intense emotional drama every night could take it’s toll so there’s an easy way for her to switch off. “Mindless TV,” she says. “I get home, put the Kardashians on (her favourite is Kris Jenner) and watch something that takes you away from anything remotely serious.”

As one of Doctor Who’s most famous former assistants – Rose Tyler – Piper also says it makes “perfect sense” for a woman to now be playing the lead. “I think it would be a snub at this point if they didn’t put a girl in that role. Jodie is a beautiful person. “I tried really hard to get the insider information on who it was. I went through Matt Smith, who went through his well placed source at the BBC but no-one knew. We speculated but just couldn’t get it out.”


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