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Are you still in touch with your Doctor’s companions?
“Yes, I was talking with Janet Fielding (Tegan) just this morning. So yes, very much. We still do the audio CDs quite regularly for Big Finish, licenced by the BBC.”

Companions are different now, aren’t they?
“I think they struggled with companions as the modern world encroached on Doctor Who. They struggled to get them right. They wanted to do the right thing and make them interesting and challenging, just a better part, but I don’t think they managed it until Billie Piper arrived as Rose. She was the first companion that worked as a proper rounded character. Other than that, they were there to get into trouble and take a storyline in a certain direction. One of my companions, Tegan, basically had the storyline that she didn’t want to be there. I also had Turlough, who tried to kill me, but it didn’t really work. The answer was, you write a damned good character and that’s what Russell T Davies managed to do with Rose. Billie’s performance was great as well. The argument which I’ve heard is that Rose was the more important character and it’s not far off.


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The shortlist will be announced November 8 and the winners revealed at a ceremony presented by Damian Lewis at the Savoy Hotel on November 17, when the recipients of six special awards will also be revealed.

Natasha Richardson Award for Best Actress

LINDA BASSETT, Roots (Donmar Warehouse)
ANNA CHANCELLOR, Private Lives (Chichester & Gielgud)
JUDI DENCH, Peter and Alice (Noel Coward)
LUCY ELLINSON, Grounded (Gate)
LESLEY MANVILLE, Ghosts (Almeida)
HELEN MIRREN, The Audience (Gielgud)
BILLIE PIPER, The Effect (National’s Cottesloe)
MICHELLE TERRY, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Shakespeare’s Globe)
KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS, Old Times (Harold Pinter)
HARRIET WALTER, Julius Caesar (Donmar Warehouse)
LIA WILLIAMS, Old Times (Harold Pinter)


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Billie’s management have created an official website for Billie! It’s set to be launched in one month (November 17th), where she will be answering your questions, with a live video Q&A at 7pm! http://www.billiepiperofficial.com/

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What can you tell us about Penny Dreadful?

“I’m playing Brona Croft…. The thing is we only get two episodes at a time and obviously we’re sworn to secrecy, but it’s great, though I am endlessly scuppered when it comes to answering questions. The gist of it is there are iconic literary figures in Victorian London and it has supernatural elements a lot of it is about people discovering who they are and how they come together”

It’s described as psycho sexual…

“Who describes it as that?” BTRC: Wikipedia “I don’t know what that means, it is beautifully poetic, its smart but it’s also highly sexed [laughs]”

Are you looking forward to working with some of the big Hollywood talent?

“Yeah, and they’re really nice so that’s a relief!”

You play some really strong female characters such as Rose in Doctor Who, Belle etc.. do you think it’s important for TV to showcase females like this?

“I think it is important but I also think it’s important and necessary to show women for who they are which is also vunerable and emotional and mad. Instead of just showing women who are like’ I work I have kids I can do EVERYTHING’ I feel like that’s a bad representation, it can be done but not without enormous levels of stress, so I think that’s more important than showing ballsy women”

You’re back in Doctor Who, are you looking forward to the reaction?

“I am looking forward to it, I am looking forward to people being able to watch it! There’s so much anticipation and speculation and it’s going to be good to suddenly see it”

How does it feel to know out of all the characters and companions Rose was the one asked back?

“It’s always really lovely when they ask you back, and I’m always incredibly flattered and amazed that they still care! [laughs]”

We will be seeing you on stage in 2014?

“I really want to, I really miss it, it’s good to get time with my kids again in the evenings but I do miss it, I miss it a lot”

Billie Piper is set to star in the book to screen series Penny Dreadful in 2014 and is joined by talent such as Josh Hartnett, Helen McCrory and Eva Green.

‘Some of literature’s most famously terrifying characters, including Dr. Frankenstein and his creature, Dorian Gray and iconic figures from the novel Dracula. become embroiled in Victorian London’


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