Billie was in Ottawa this Friday for Comic Con. Fan photos have been added to the gallery!


Penny Dreadful made its season return last week on Showtime & Sky Atlantic, and Billie is back as Brona! I’m so excited to see her having a larger part in S02!

I’ve added a couple of gorgeous images from Billie’s new photoshoot with The Times. Enjoy!

Since we first met seven years ago, Billie Piper has remarried, become a mother and, also, grown into a ridiculously accomplished actress, stage now as well as screen. It will be a while, however, before anything out-paragraphs Rose Tyler in her Wikipedia entry.

This is no sneer: how many other young “companions” in Doctor Who have, through dint of their talent, stayed famous? It does, however, mean that Piper has a doctorate in dissimulation. Such was the BBC’s paranoia about spoilers that the prelude to every one of Rose’s many comebacks on the show was a fierce denial by Piper that she would ever reprise the role.

“Shameless. I mean, it was lying to people’s faces daily and loving every minute of it,” she says in a studio near Waterloo, after a photoshoot bravely borne despite a heavy spring cold.

Caveat emptor, then, dear reader, especially as Piper wrote in her 2006 autobiography that anorexics (of which she was one: a teenage pop siren stuffing tissues into her mouth) are “accomplished liars”. Yet this afternoon she appears playfully, almost recklessly, candid.

For instance, I tell her that I admire her taste in husbands, the Radio 2 breakfast show host Chris Evans and Laurence Fox, Hathaway inLewis. They remain two of my favourite interviewees, unusually likeable and generous with their answers. They could not, however, I suggest, be more different: the ginger nut so, well, nutty; Lozza so public-school laid-back.

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After the shocking end to the Penny Dreadful season premiere, we know you have tons of questions for Billie Piper! Join her right here tomorrow at 8PM ET/5PM PT for a live Q&A.

Make sure you send your questions to Penny Dreadful FB Page. For UK fans, the Q&A will take place at 1am GMT.

“Actually, I’m pretty good. I’m not a great sharer, I think we’ve all kept pretty tight-lipped about it, we’ve kind of had to. It’s frightening that level of responsibility, you don’t want to be the one who’s fired.” Hadn’t her years as Rose Tyler on Doctor Whotaught her the way around confidentiality clauses? “Exactly. I’m pretty well versed in hiding things.”

In the film, Elizabeth finds the monster repulsive. Will her Bride be more loving?

“It’s a perverse relationship I’d say, it moves around a bit. There’s a lot of feeling, but she also has a quest and she wants him on board. So she goes about that using her great tools of manipulation but whether it’s formed through genuine love I suppose you’ll have to wait and see.” Before Brona becomes the bride, Victor needs to work his alchemy – scenes which required a prosthetic body-double, painstakingly cast from Piper’s own body – and which I am introduced to in the workshop overseen by Nick Dudman, who worked his prosthetic magic on all the Harry Potter films and is responsible for moulding Benedict Cumberbatch’s hump in the upcoming BBC adaptation of Shakespeare’s Richard III. What was it like meeting her body body-double?

Two Penny’s worth: Rory Kinnear’s Creature with Harry Treadaway as Dr Frankenstein (Showtime)
“That was weird,” Piper admits. “That kind of had you thinking at night, ‘where is it? Who’s with it? Is it all locked up?’ Seeing yourself that way is bizarre – not something you want to fixate on.” The stuff of nightmares? “I kind of sleep like I’m dead, so no.”


LONDON — “Penny Dreadful” actress Billie Piper has joined the cast of London-set film noir “City of Tiny Lights,” which starts principal photography on Monday. Pete Travis, whose credits include “Vantage Point,” “Endgame” and “Dredd,” directs the pic, which Protagonist Pictures will be selling at Cannes. Icon Film Distribution will be releasing the film, which will shoot for six weeks in London, in the U.K. and Ireland next year.

The cast is led by Riz Ahmed (“Nightcrawler,” “Shifty,” “Four Lions”) who plays down-at-heel gumshoe Tommy Akhtar. Piper, who plays Brona Croft in “Penny Dreadful,” and whose credits include “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” and “Doctor Who,” plays Shelley, Akhtar’s long-lost love. The ensemble includes Cush Jumbo (“Josephine and I,” “The Inbetweeners”), James Floyd (“My Brother the Devil,” “Everywhere and Nowhere”) and Roshan Seth (“Indian Summers,” “Gandhi,” “My Beautiful Laundrette”).

The screenplay is written by author Patrick Neate, based on his novel of the same name. Ado Yoshizaki-Cassuto and Rebecca O’Brien are producing for NDF International and Sixteen Films, with support from the BFI and BBC Films, in association with Lip Sync Productions, Fel UK and Ingenious Media. BBC Films and BFI developed the script.

Pic is a portrait of contemporary London as a teeming multicultural metropolis where nothing is as it seems. Tommy Akhtar is a cricket fan, devoted son and deadbeat private eye. He has an office above a suburban cab firm, a taste for cigarettes and booze, and a finely tuned moral compass well hidden behind a sharp line in cynicism.

Tommy walks in one morning to find high-class prostitute Melody (Jumbo) seeking his help. She wants him to find her friend Natasha, last seen meeting a new client at a swanky Mayfair bar. He has little luck tracking down Natasha, but instead finds the dead body of Pakistani businessman Usman Rana, and, before he knows it, he’s drawn into a sinister, dangerous world of religious fanaticism and political intrigue.