Billie attended the press night for ‘Unreachable’ in London last night, supporting Matt Smith & Lucy Prebble. 19 HQ photos below:

8th July | ‘Unreachable’ Press Night After Party

The story around Lily [Billie Piper] has been one of my favorites this year.
Yeah, me too.

That monologue about her daughter in episode 8 was just stunning. Can you take me through why it was so important that you saved that really human story for the end of the season?
Happily. I chose to write about women in Victorian society — that’s the stealth thing this show is actually about. It’s a very feminist show, and the idea that the audience gets to see, in our three years, Lily as a degraded figure who’s abused by men, as Brona, literally being reborn into a blank slate and then achieving incredible power but always having a great human connection. That was a case where I was also inspired by the actor, because Billie Piper so delights me, and I found that in the second season I was able to write her an eight-minute monologue that she absolutely delivered, completely, in a way that I found thrilling. I just wanted to do it again, because she’s an actor who understands theatricality and understands larger than life language in a very unique way, and that’s part of what this show is about.


I’ve added 400+ screencaptures from last nights episode. How amazing was Billie? I wonder what’s in store for Lily now!

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Billie attended Phoenix Comic Con over the weekend. Photos from autographs & her Q&A have been added!

4th June | Phoenix Comic Con

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