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Welcome to Miss Billie Piper! Site dedicated to award winning actress, Billie Piper. She will be making her directorial debut in 'Rare Beasts' in 2020/21. 'I Hate Suzie' will be airing on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV in August 2020! Stay tuned for updated content and exclusive images and posts!
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Billie and Laurence were spotted in London during the weekend, visiting ‘The Elk’ restaurant in Northern Ireland. Click on the photo to see it in full.

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Former Doctor Who star Billie Piper says her friend Jenna Coleman is “brilliant” as current companion Clara Oswald.

The actress formerly known as Rose Tyler should know – she’s regularly voted the best companion of all time. And she’s not alone in praising Coleman’s performance.

Since the return of Doctor Who in August, Clara’s popularity among both fans and critics has soared as her character has become more independent and well-rounded.

Her resurgence has coincided with her pairing with new Doctor Peter Capaldi, and Piper thinks the two work perfectly together.

“Everything I’ve seen [of the new series] I’ve thought is brilliant,” Piper told RadioTimes.com. “I think Jenna Coleman is brilliant and I really like her as well – we know each other socially and she’s lovely – and I think her and Peter together is kind of perfect.”


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Billie was seen arriving at Heathrow Airport yesterday after a brief trip to Dublin for filming of ‘Penny Dreadful’.

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Do you think any of your children will get into acting?

“I don’t know. I think the youngest one is more so. I think the eldest one will probably be a genius craftsmen or something. He’s so focused and the youngest one is a bit of a lovely show-off. He’s a bit too young to take but to a five-year-old you can go ‘shhh, when they say quiet please’ whereas with a two-year-old they just say ‘No!”.

Would you work with your wife Billie again?

“Yes, I would. If there was an amazing job that required it. But we don’t walk around trying to work with each other.”

And are you the same with your wife… do you not speak about work much?

“Not really, occasionally. It’s work. Some people go home and talk about work all the time but others go home and put the TV on and have a bit of dinner and chill out. We’re a bit more like that.”

You’ve said some really interesting things in your previous interviews. WOP – we love this phrase?

“Yes, Women of Power.  I’ve got WOP-adile tears too. That’s when women of power cry and they’re not really upset.”

How do you balance family life with a busy career? Are there any rules like ‘no phones’ at the dinner table?

“No, but it’s not easy, it works somehow. We do what we can do. We’re still married, it’s just not easy. That’s the sign that it hasn’t gone completely tits up. It’s f**king hard work and that’s the answer to that question.”


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Billie Piper
Good grief, she’s only just turned 32, but Piper has already packed in a lot, parlaying her teenage pop stardom into an acting career that hit twin early heights with Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Doctor Who. This year she was seen in Penny Dreadful, and onstage in the National Theatre’s hacking drama Great Britain. She also has two children with husband Laurence Fox.


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When I talk to Billie Piper on the phone, filming on Penny Dreadful has just resumed and she hasn’t been fully briefed on what she can and can’t say about the new second series of Sky Atlantic’s Gothic horror mash-up, so we tentatively manoeuvre our way around each of my questions until we arrive at something that both parties agree is acceptable.

Her character Brona, an Irish immigrant to Victorian London, shouldn’t be coming back at all – she died at the end of season one. But it wasn’t tuberculosis, as expected, that claimed her, she was smothered by one Dr Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway), with the reluctant intention of turning her into a bride for his original dark creation.

Given that Billie has been asked to turn up for season two, a return from the dead seems the only route her character can take (unless she is being asked to play the particularly untaxing role of a corpse). Nevertheless, we’re both very aware of what she calls the “spoiler minefield”.

“I haven’t seen the last [episode of series one] but very few people have come to me and said ‘you’re dead and it’s over’, everyone seems to be looking at some kind of resurrection, so if I say that, I think that’s not totally putting my foot in it,” she ventures.


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Billie Piper has been announced to appear at Belfast Film and Comic Con, Saturday 25th Ocotober at the Odessery Arena. Autographs/Photoshoots are priced at £25. You can buy your tickets here!

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Badwolf Convention of 4 to 5 October 2014 the attention of the participants of the convention badwolf, It is with great regret that we have decided to announce the cancellation of the agreement badwolf. Indeed, we have encountered many difficulties all throughout the organization of this event. We thought we could overcome these problems, but due to several factors, some external elements, unfortunately we can not keep our event. As stated in our terms Terms of sale, we will make the repayments Pass participants.

Repayment terms will be announced later in a personal email. We did our best to provide you the best possible event and we are aware of the inconvenience. we ourselves are extremely pained to have to announce this decision that we have to take against heart but this choice was made ​​so that you can repay each of you. Thank you to the fans who have supported us from the beginning and hope to see you at one of our upcoming events . Sincerely, Team-Scifi convention.


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